Be Visible! Mark your Transport !

According to the World Health Organization, India and other countries in Asia will witness a staggering 65% increase in vehicle population by 2020. While India is home to just 1% of the global vehicle population, the country accounts for 10% of road accidents worldwide - a telling statistic on the vehicle safety quotient.

Over 33% of all vehicular accidents occur at night while only 20% of all vehicular traffic travels after nightfall. What’s more, traffic death rates are three times greater at night than during the day.

Why vehicle safety?
  • 60 to 70% of road accidents in India are related to commercial traffic
  • While heavy vehicles constitute only 30% of the vehicle population, they are responsible for around 50% of all fatal accidents
  • Improved vehicle safety means improved roads and enhanced road safety
  • Major factors that affect vehicle safety
  • Poor visibility of vehicles during night
  • Increased vehicle density and speeds
  • Poor lane discipline and disregard for safe driving practices
  • Improper parking of vehicles along roads
  • Rash and negligent driving
  • Drunken driving
  • Driver fatigue
  • Poor regulation of people, vehicles and stray animals on roads
  • Vehicle breakdown and headlight failure
  • Night time Visibility
  • Just 5% of the information we see during the day is perceived by the eye at night, implying that good night time visibility is critical to ensuring vehicle safety.